NASS receives no government funding; we rely on supporters like you to fund our life-changing services. Your membership helps us to continue providing vital services such as our Helpline, guides, and our network of over 90 volunteer-led exercise groups across the UK. With your support, we can also continue to campaign for better services for people living with AS.

We are proud to be on track to reach more people than ever. Last year, our Helpline responded to over 5,300 queries. However, there is much more to do. Symptoms of AS are sometimes first noticed in the teens/early twenties and it takes on average 8.5 years before some receive a diagnosis. The needs of someone receiving a diagnosis at this age are very different from someone diagnosed at a later stage.

To answer this, we’ve launched this website – ASone – a new resource aimed at people with AS aged 18-35. This exciting project is a new interactive platform, bringing younger people with AS together to share experiences and make it easier to manage their condition.

 In 2017, we are also working hard to educate GPs and health professionals including Gastroenterologists, Dermatologists and Ophtalmologists through our RCGP eLearning Modules and our Back Pain Plus campaign. Our aim is to reduce the 8.5 years delay in diagnosis and improve the care you receive.

In the past year, your membership helped to fund many projects and initiatives, including:

•             The launch of a brand-new campaign called Back Pain Plus- an awareness campaign, aiming to help reduce the current 8.5-year average delay in diagnosis of AS.

•             Publication of three exciting videos providing helpful advice for managing AS. The videos are available both on our website and our You Tube channel.

•             Updating and producing our new-look printed materials, each of which refer to ‘Ankylosing Spondylitis (Axial Spondyloarthritis) (AS).

•             Developing a part two of the ‘Back to Action’ book with 30 new exercises focusing on gym balls and free weights.

•             Continued Information and Support via our Helpline, Website, Facebook page and Twitter. Last year, our Helpline responded to over 5,300 queries.

In 2017, we are working hard to:

•             Continue to educate GPs and health professionals by implementing the next phase of the Back Pain Plus campaign and the promotion of new Clinical Guidelines for Spondyloarthritis.

•             Continue to raise awareness and seek improvements in care with parliamentarians and policy-makers

•             Expand our use of social media and digital campaigns to reach a wider audience by launching ASone, bringing younger people with AS together to share experiences and make it easier to manage their condition.

•             Raise awareness by publishing three more videos about AS and associated conditions.

•             Continue the development of new and existing NASS physiotherapy Branches of which there are 90+ throughout the UK.

We couldn’t do all this without the generous contributions of members just like you!

NASS Membership also provides you with exclusive benefits including:

•             Free entry for you and one guest to our action-packed Members’ Day (advance booking required) Being a NASS member entitles you and a guest to free entry to our fantastic annual Members’ Day event which features a mix of fascinating presentations, interactive practical sessions and a chance to meet fellow NASS members. This year our Members’ Day took place on Saturday 17 June in Sheffield. It was a terrific day with a full-to-capacity event.  150 people attended and made it a successful day focussing on flares.

•             Our twice-yearly magazine, AS News

•             Access to NASS Members’ Area and Forum

•             Receive guides on claiming benefits such as PIP and ESA

To join NASS

If you’d like to join online check out our website at and grab your membership in the NASS Shop

 If you’d like to pay by over the phone give us a ring on 020 8741 1515.

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