I felt like a huge weight came off my chest after making this video. It is important to be open and frank about the challenges we face. I hope to inspire others that suffer from any conditions to keep pushing and to not let it dictate them as a person. Climbing has become such a big part of my identity not only because of how fun it is, but also as a constant reminder that I have managed to persevere beyond what I thought capable of.


Max is a 22 year student currently studying in The Netherlands. Max always competed at sport, and since he was diagnosed at 17 he has continued to be as active as possible. AS does not stop him from travelling the world, climbing, running (and a host of other activities). In fact, he believes that this has helped him tremendously both physically and mentally, and he hopes to be able to follow his passions for a very, very, long time. You can find Max on Instagram or on the YouTube.

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