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ASone live meetup, we need your thoughts!

We’re planning to launch a series of live events for young people with AS living in the UK later this year and wanted to find out what are your initial thoughts on this idea.
Your opinion matters the most to us and before we start planning anything it would be great to know what kind of event YOU would like to see.

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Let us know about your music festival experiences!

Hello Folks!   We want to create a music festival guide for all those with AS, but we need your help to get it done properly. This message goes to all festival-goers, camping enthusiasts, globetrotters and music fans who’s never missed a gig. Let us know what’s...

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Welcome to ASone

Hi there, folks! I’m Jakub, your friendly neighbour ASone admin! Welcome to Your Posts section where you can have your own say on anything related to ankylosing spondylitis! Use this space to tell us your story, share your experiences, opinions, tips & tricks,...

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