Living with ankylosing spondylitis

The Gorilla In Your House

Acquiring a disability is a bit like getting home to find there’s a gorilla in your house. You contact the approved and official channels to get rid of infestations of wild animals (in this case, the NHS) and they umm and aah and suck air in through their teeth before saying something roughly equivalent to “what you’ve got ‘ere, mate, is a gorilla, and there ain’t really a lot what we can do about them, see…” before sending you back home to the gorilla’s waiting arms.

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Your Summer Festival Guide pt I – Before you go

Welcome to Your Summer Festival Guide! It’s not ‘ours’ it’s definitely ‘yours’, as we asked the ASone community to share their tips and advice on going to festivals. We had such a great response we thought we’d publish it in two parts.

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Deducing my Ankylosing Spondylitis

As I am a 17 years old, in my years of youth, I basically think I know everything about everything, (as every teen does) but, I can honestly admit, I had not a clue what ankylosing spondylitis was until a few years ago when, ironically, my knowledge expanded.

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Mind Management

By reading this, you’re probably hoping to hear a positive story you can connect with. By reading this, you perhaps feel the need to be inspired or be given directions to follow. But by reading this, you have already taken the first steps down your own path, as you’ve decided to seek help, learn about your condition or take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. So give yourself some credit, you’ve done well.

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AS, Anti-inflammatory Drugs & Rock’n’Roll!

You won’t be jealous of my rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle – all the long drives, carrying heavy gear and the late, sober nights hanging around dingy, distant venues are worlds away from the common perception. I’ve never thrown a TV out of a hotel room window but this is mostly because I have ankylosing spondylitis and my arthritic back probably couldn’t handle it. The only drugs I take are prescribed and tightly controlled by my Rheumatologist.

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