I have recently been diagnosed with AS – even though it has been two months, I still can’t quite believe it even after numerous hospital visits and a lot of literature!

2018 has been rather unreal for me. January started when I developed uveitis after being told oddly I had conjunctivitis! Following the correct assessment, equaled three months of drops in both eyes as my first instance of uveitis decided it would be bilateral!

I also run my own business, so this was a challenge having drops every 3 hours whilst attempting to reply to emails!! I was fortunate the doctor I saw was very thorough and she requested numerous blood tests intrigued by my condition. Two months later I got my appointment letter through for a Rheumatology assessment and another appointment letter came for an MRI.

I couldn’t make it as I was enjoying sun, sea and sangria in Jamaica at the time but rescheduled and within six weeks of my first appointment I was diagnosed with AS. My first thought wasn’t my life is about to change forever, it was – how would this affect my holidays? It was like a jigsaw puzzle, so many things fell into place, why this happened, why had that happened.

I had struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 8 years and the prognosis was I had AS/AS Symptoms for up to 10 years, another fitting piece to my puzzle.

At the time I was in a relationship with someone for 5 years, we had our rocky patches like most and I suppose this was the ultimate test of our survival. Unfortunately, I am very much alone relationship-wise when it comes to my AS now and although I can write things down that would bore people for hours, I don’t seem to have anyone who can understand what I am going through, that can understand the difference between AS and a bad back, how this will change things for possibly the rest of my life.

I called this blog Rainbows and Stars because I love stars, not only do they tell a thousand stories, they look pretty and it’s very romantic to sit underneath them. The universe is our world and galaxy (chocolate) just melts in your mouth – what’s not to like?! As for rainbows, every since I was little I always believed there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No amount of money can change someone’s life when diagnosed with AS, however, if they find that person who can accept them warts and all, can talk to them about absolutely anything whether it be AS related or not, they can sense when you are having a bad day or flare and you experience the most amazing things with them by your side…you have found your pot of gold 🙂

I am about to start my Anti TNF medication within the next two weeks…another experience and challenge! But for now….I am off to look for more rainbows!!


This great story was submitted anonymously. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to have it credited to you! 

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